Tiah Marr

I like Pomegranates and Barbacoa Burritos from Chipotle.

BHS Seniors create Clothing Line: The Hive Apparel

With graduation just around the corner, many students are left wondering what their next step is. Business partners, Seniors Cole…

Sick or Just Playing Hooky?

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BHS Students Answer the Inevitable Question

The question has both burdened and inspired us from the time we learned to walk. “What do you want to…

Mason Cox: Weatherman

To find out about school delays and closings students head to their number one source, Twitter. As they eagerly await…

Chipotle in Buffalo?

The words “Did you hear we’re getting a Chipotle?” have been spread around BHS and the community like wildfire the…

Senior Maria Hanson takes her BHS Impact International

Many seniors are getting ready to pack up their bags and leave home soon, but for Senior Maria Hanson her…

Posting an Ad for…Yourself? Seniors at BHS look for College Roommates

With the 2013-14 school year entering the second semester, “senioritis” is falling upon the senior class. Many seniors plan to…