sydney schwartz

I like to hangout with my friends and play softball.

Why isn’t Graduation on the football field?

With limited seating for senior families, you would think that the High School would let graduation be on the football…

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How Did Senior’s Spend Their Day Off?

As a senior, many people look forward to skip to their day off. Some spend the day shopping, getting ready…

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Bison Boys Baseball destroys Princeton

Bison Boys baseball had started their season off strong, with a record for 4-2 so far. Princeton took the long…

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Erin Bersie takes Girl’s State Wrestling Championship

Erin Bersie, a senior wrestler whose season at Buffalo High School tragically ended with an injury, triumphantly returned to the…

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Are senior pictures worth the price?

Seth Curran and John Russett, seniors at Buffalo high school, took different directions in their senior photo session. John Russett,…

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