Megan Metz

Dat senior life doe. #senioritis

Last Day Rides

Here is a slideshow of the crazy things people drove to school on the last day in case you missed…

Behind the Banner

The count down banner was put up Thursday, May 22nd. As students entered the building they noticed that the banner…

Seniors Choose Their Own Subject

The Drive Project is a new independent study as of last year started by English Teacher, Vicki Cary. “The Drive…

BHS Teachers Read Tweets About Themselves

Teachers react after reading tweets about themselves.

BHS Class of 2014: Next Year’s Plans

Where are this years seniors going next year? Seniors, who are you going to be seeing on campus next year?

Here Comes the Coach

Former NFL Quarterback, Todd Bouman, is coming to Buffalo High School to take Gerard Rohl’s spot as Head Coach of…

You Have Mail: Shark-Rhino

As students have been checking their school emails recently, there have been some odd pictures showing up in their inbox…

Prom Panic: Phase 1

Even though the big day is two months away, the preparation has already begun. And with that preparation comes the…

Snow Daze Dance Cancelled

As the bitter cold winds whip and the winter days drag on their seems like there is nothing to look…