Michael Dehmer

He is a pretty cool dude

New Season, New Field—Softball Season Kicks Off

As the days get warmer, the bats start cracking as another softball season kicks off. The softball team has been…

New Additions to BHS Approach Completion

Over the winter two new major additions to the school took shape. These additions, a new gymnastics gym and a…

“Can Bananas wear Skirts?” One minute with Un Minutos

Each day, BHS Spanish teacher Jess Nickelsen sets time aside for her class to participate in Un Minutos. An Un…

Marching Band Season Begins

Last summer the marching band went on a trip to Boston, Massachusetts to perform in a parade. Many of last…

AP United States History Test

The AP United States History (APUSH for short) test is administered to students nationwide. Many of the students taking the…