Kirsten Kaufman

I take what life offers. Which is why I carry a spoon, in the hopes that life offers something delicious and spoon sized.

Your Summer Playlist – Turn It Up

With Summer just around the corner it’s time to break out the bathing suit, lots of sunscreen, and some Summer…

The Farnsdale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Production of Macbath

“My favorite part of the play was getting to use my clown talents. And I liked to say the title…

Mark Mischke and The Class of 2012

Four years ago, Mark Mischke took over as the principal at BHS. This year’s graduating class will be his first…

Do The Famine – We Are Hungry

Looking around the school on Friday, March 23rd one might notice all the kids wearing the same bright teal shirt…

Tumblr banned at BHS

In the beginning of March, one of the most popular websites that students use to share and explore became blocked…

Opinion: Not everyone likes Facebook

As hundreds of students at BHS know, Facebook can be very addicting. As I write this, I have a Facebook…

Let’s Talk About Ink

From the moment I turned fourteen, I knew that I wanted to get a tattoo. I just wasn’t sure where…

Clowns Hanging from the Ceiling

The classrooms at BHS are all decorated differently. There are things on the windows, the walls, the doors, and even…