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Social Media Stress

Maddy Anderson, a seventh grader at Buffalo Community middle school, is only one of many examples of how social media…

The Future of Girl’s Basketball

After years of coaching and hard work, Scott Sorenson was recently let go of his position as the Buffalo girls…

“Freedom is Worth Fighting for”

“Freedom is worth fighting for,” Gary Gullickson, a 68 year old Vietnam veteran, told a class of tenth grade students.…

Tips and Tricks for Asking Someone to Prom

With less than one month to go before prom, time is now to ask your dream date to accompany you…
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Home Town Hero

Being home schooled has never stopped junior Ben Ruhr in accomplishing his goals. On February 25, one of Ruhr’s many…

Seniors say goodbye to their high school sports careers

As September rolled in, seniors were suddenly hit with the reality that this would be their last year participating in…