Addie Kern

Am I the only one who hates writing bio's?

The new Netflix show 13 Reason Why has got BHS talking

As you might have heard, there’s a netflix original series called Thirteen Reasons Why that has Buffalo high school students…

Freshmen: READ THIS! (or look like fools on the last day)

The last day of school is the day we look forward to all year, because we gain our freedom from…

Student council is hosting the Bison Field Festival for the first time ever

This year to celebrate the end of another successful year of high school, one last event together will take place.…

Donuts for Dustyn Raises $1,301.50

Hundreds of students and teachers went to their locker bays on Friday, March 17th with $1 in their to hand…

How the Flu Affects You

Although we typically blame Winter for sending an annual flu bug throughout school, it’s been said frequently that in the…