Review: Woman In Black scares many

“During afternoon tea, there’s a shift in the air. A bone trembling chill, that tells you she’s there. There are those who believe, the whole town is cursed. But the house in the Marsh is by far the worst. What she wants is unknown, but she always comes back. The specter of darkness, the Woman in Black.”

With jewelry box music playing and frightening images flashing before your eyes, you couldn’t ask for a better attention grabber. On Friday February 3, the movie was released to the general public. And while I couldn’t make it that night, I watched many reviews and opinions from and early screening of the movie.

But now it’s my turn. Sunday February 5.

The movie follows a man who is ordered to move to a remote village to uncover the story of a deceased client. The town is silent, the house is silent. Until night fall. With many twists and turns, frightening scenes and overall a suspenseful hold on you for the whole two hours.

The lights shut off and the room falls black. The movie begins; all mumbling, small talk and whispers go silent. You could feel the tension in the air. I have to pay attention now, hide my feet and prepare to cover my eyes. I will return to writing, after the movie.

Two hours later, and the movies done. I’m having trouble putting my feet back on the floor for the fear of what might be hiding underneath me.

The first half hour is slow. It’s a lot of background information and hidden details, but it’s easy to follow. But then the movie really starts. Nearly impossible to cover your eyes because something in you just knows you’ll miss something good. The panic sets in and you’ll be jumping out of your seat. After your heart rate goes back to normal and your muscles relax, the movie finishes with an intense image. An image that will give you chills.

“It was good. I wanted to look away so many times, but I couldn’t. I would recommend it, definitely. However I do think it’s a movie better seen at the theatre, rather than home,” said an audience member sitting two rows ahead of me.

The movie will frighten you. You will jump out of your seat on many occasions. On the other hand, it will not haunt you. You most likely will not have nightmares or think about it much longer than an hour afterwards. A very good movie, well worth seeing.

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