As the gymnastics season comes to an end the seniors look back on all the adventures

As the gymnastics season comes to an end, the seniors get ready for the future and look back on all the fun and hard times they had.

For Taylor Haider, overcoming bars was the hardest. A few years ago, she broke her arm trying a new skill and has been scared of trying a routine since then. During the last home meet on Feb 2, she finally conquered her fears.

Paige Habich said she will never forget, “sophomore year at half time show. All of us  girls ate way too much at Applebee’s and ended up having to tumble with upset stomachs, looking back at it now I can’t help but laugh.”

For all the seniors Sections, will be their last meet. After high school, they are heading off to college, but it does not include gymnastics.

For Leeza Kennedy, she isn’t 100% sure where she will be going but she wants to be a pharmacist. Frannie Pearson has different plans she is going to Saint Ben’s for special education. They are all heading off in different directions but they will always remember their “gymnastics family.”

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