Opinion: Are there negative effects that come along with all of the apocalyptic prophecies?

Some people believe in the so called “apocalyptic prophecy” of 2012, and others believe
that the people who do believe in it are just plain crazy
, but either way, are you affected by all the hype?
Everyone knows about good ole’ Harold Camping who had dozens of followers who
gave up literally everything to spread the false prophets word to warn everyone about the nearing doom that was to be set upon this earth, and what ended up happening on May 21st at 6pm…absolutely nothing, and everyone of his followers realized that they had just thrown everything away blindly.
Going back even further was the famous “Y2K” theory, where people assumed that all
electronics wouldn’t work and we would be set back to the dark ages. Millions of people bought into that theory. They stocked up on canned goods, built bunkers, and bought weapons. Some police stations even prepared for huge riots.

You might wonder what fellow students believe will happen during 2012, and simply put out of all 20 people that were interviewed not one of them told me that they believe the world will end.

So even if you are not worried about the pending doom that approaches us as we near
the month of December, I do caution you to be careful because you never know how your neighbor will act, whether its rioting, or taking everything they think they will need at all costs.

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