Arts Magnet Students present Showcase

The Arts Magnet students preformed a showcase on January 24 to show off their talents and what they have done in school. An audition was required to get a spot in the show and only about 23 acts were chosen.

“Auditions for me were really easy,” said Freshman Danielle Maas. “We really didn’t have to try. He just said good job, and clean it up. No one in my class was cut, but there were people who did get cut.”

There was a lot of preparation and cooperation that went in to get the show together. Team work was a key to making the show work and making it the best it could be.“The hardest part was getting everyone to work together, to get everyone to concentrate because there were some slackers and some people didn’t even bother to even show up for last night,” said Freshman Alyssa Farruggia.

Photo by Jack Elliot                           

Many different types and styles of acts were performed at the show. Whether it be singing, dancing, acting, or even a fashion show, they were all individual.

“I loved making my own fashion show,” Freshman Naomi Baker. “The outfits were amazing at how they showed off what I made.”

The Zenon dancers also performed 4 of there dances that they learned in their Arts Foundations class through the Arts Magnet Program.

“The ones performed were ‘The House of Joy and Ashes’ by first block students, ‘The Reluctant Warrior’ by second block students, ‘The Wanderers’ by third block students and ‘The Celebration Dance’ by all the arts foundation students,” said Freshman Paige Miller.

Story by Molly Kwakenat and Paige Hasledalen
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