Senior Kat LaCroix Brings BHS Together Through Lip Dub.

Senior Kat LaCroix has been hard at work gathering numerous students/groups to put together a Lip dub video to the song Hey Ya by Outcast. Lip dub is a type of video that brings  a community together to show off themselves and their group of friends while lip singing to any given song.

“I was at a yearbook camp and they showed a video of lip dub to everyone . I thought it was really cool and thought it would be fun,” said LaCroix.

Currently the exact number of participants is unknown. There is no limit to how many students and groups can participate in this. It all depends on who signs up and who is interested in it.

“Its inclusive to everyone in the school. I’m not going to tell students that they can’t participate,” said LaCroix.

The large number of students interested in Lip dub means that the date for filming will be pushed back until the details are figured out. Students are excited about being in the Lip dub.

“It is interesting,” said Senior Hayleigh Johnson. “Its fun and you get to be who you want to be. I have done a Lip dub before and I wish the school made one more often.”


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  1. It’s really cool seeing students stepping up like this. It’s also really awesome that the word is getting out before it happens so we can get involved 🙂