Is 2012 really The End?

There are many different theories, predictions, and opinions when it comes to how the world will end. The Mayan Calendar predicts that 2012  is the year that will bring earth and life itself to an end forever. Not everyone agrees with this theory. In a survey of 40 students at BHS 82 percent say that the world will not end this year. On the other hand, 12 percent believe in the Mayan theory.

Photo By Whitney Nyholm

“I think the world will end because the Mayan’s said it will,” said Sophomore Jake Willmert. “A huge crater from space with cowboy aliens riding on it will crash into earth. If not, then the world will just blow up from a huge hole in the ozone layer from all the pollution.”

A study done by NASA says that the Mayan Calender ends on December 31st, 2012 because it is the end of the Mayan long-count period. The Calender will start over again on January 1st as does any calender. This will be the start of another long-count period for the Mayans.The Mayan calendar is a lot like the calendar we use today.

“I’m not ready for the world to end because if it does I’ll only be sixteen,” said Freshman Emma Glynn. “I don’t think it will end because it’s too soon and nobody really knows when it will. If I found out it was going to end though then I would hang out with everybody and go sit on a beach in Florida.”

Just like Glynn, many other BHS students have good reasons as to why they’re not ready for the end of the world. The most common answer though was simply because they’re still young and deserve more time in the world and to experience life.

“I’m only sixteen. I’ve still got millions of years to go,” said Willmert. “If the world does end I would try to make a bucket list and do everything I want to in life.”

Story By Taylor Holt and Taylor Susa


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