Distance runners already preparing for Track season

The 2012 Track and Field season is just around the corner for Buffalo High School. For the distance runners, the season starts long before the first day of practice.

“I start running two weeks into the year,” said Junior Bo Bralier. “These miles that I start to run are called ‘Winter miles’.”
The Track and Field season usually begins on the second Monday in the month of March. Bo is just one of many that start their running early.
“I start running before the season to get myself into shape,” said Junior Michael Swearingen. “If you go into the season with no miles ran behind you, you’re going to hurt for a while.”
The Buffalo distance team is recognized around the State of Minnesota. Coach David Knutsen has sent multiple individual state participants throughout his years of coaching.
“Knowing that he [David Knutsen] is going to be my coach is a little intimidating,” said Junior Jack Elliot. “I know that practices are going to be tough right away so I want to be ready when practices start.”
“We did pretty good last year as a team,” said Knutson. “I am hoping for an even better season this year.”
Buffalo took 8th in state in the 2011 season at the state track meet.”
“I am super excited for this next track season to start,” said Sophomore Max Lemp. “I know that running all these winter miles is going to be worth it once the season begins.”


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