Student kindness shows up on the walls and sidewalks of BHS

Lately the walls of BHS have been covered with ‘Take What You Need’ posters and the sidewalk in front of the school has had complementing comments written in chalk.

“I don’t really know where they came from,” said Assistant Principal Brandon Prell. “It’s a good idea and they seem really popular with the students.”

The posters have tabs you can take off with various things that you may need at the moment such as comfort, love, hope, inspiration, ect. And the chalk writings compliment students walking in from the student parking lot, saying things like “You look pretty today”, “You’re so great” and “Those shoes look great on you”.

”They’re cute,” said Sophomore Anya Bluhm. “They bring happiness to people that really need it.”

It’s still unknown to the school who has been hanging the posters and writing on the sidewalks because they want this project to be about the message, not the people.

“I can feel whan people need them, like last week when everyone was sad about Sam,” said one of the members of the project who wishes to remain anonymous, “or if it’s just a gloomy day. It gives people a little kick to help them through the day.”


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