Students kick off 2012 with resolutions

Freshman Alec Waters hopes for a beard this year. Photos by Ben Lepinski

For many people, New Years is a way to start new beginnings and set goals for themselves.  According to 2011resolutions.org the top three New Year’s resolutions of 2012 for Americans are to lose weight, get organized, and save money. At BHS it’s a different story. Students answered with many different New Year’s resolutions. Some included to be more sociable, grow a beard, keep a Happy Journal, exercise before gaming and stop drinking pop. However, the majority of students said they don’t make New Year’s resolutions.

“I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because they’re false hope,” said Sophomore Jake Willmert. “You could start a resolution any time of the year and put the same amount of effort into it.”

For the BHS students who do make New Year’s resolutions, there are plenty of reasons why they continue to make them while others don’t.

“I think that drinking carbonated beverages is very bad for my health. Cutting it out of my diet would do my body a great amount of goodness,” said Junior Kyle Cole, “I don’t think I will stick to it because pop is something that quenches my thirst greatly. When I get tired I really want a Mountain Dew. ”

While there are mixed opinions on New Year’s resolutions at BHS, there seems to be one common agreement. It’s not easy to keep a New Year’s resolution and motivation is the key.

“I think New Year’s resolutions are a great way to change bad habits and if people stick to their goals they will succeed,” said Freshman Andrew Christenson, “Although, I think it would be extremely tough to keep one for a whole year.”

Story by Taylor Holt and Taylor Susa


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