Students share thoughts on the lack of snow

There has been discussion in BHS about the weather in the past couple weeks. Some students enjoy the absence of snow, while others absolutely hate it.

“I love that we don’t have a lot of snow,” says Junior Tori Tonn. “I don’t mind winter but I can so do without.”

December 2011 had nowhere near the amount of snowfall as it did in 2010. In December 2011 there was about 6in total throughout the entire month until late New Years Eve where it snowed over an inch within just a couple hours. In December 2010 there were multiple blizzards that were over 10 inches throughout the month of December.

Although not everyone at BHS agrees with Tonn about not having a lot of snow this winter. There are a lot of students that enjoy doing something with the snow, whether it be snowboarding, skiing or snowmobiling.

“I want so much more snow,” says Junior Drake Wohlenhaus. “Without a base of snow, it’s hard to go snowboarding because when I go, the snow that did fall all turns to ice.”

There are not people that al love and all hate the weather. Some students’ mind change about winter as the season goes on. There are students that love the snow and the weather when snow is falling and it’s not gloomy all the time.

“I love winter, I love the snow mostly,” says Junior Cedric Jimenez. “What I don’t like though, is all the slush and how crappy the weather makes me feel. If it were sunny with no slush or melting ice, I’d be happy. But if there was a lot of snow and it was cold and pretty, I would also be happy.

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