Staff and Students share Winter Break traditons

With Winter Break starting on Friday December 23 many students and staff have plans and traditions that they’re looking forward to.

In a survey of 40 BHS students and staff, the most popular tradition was spending time with family and friends by getting 38 percent of the answers. Other answers included having a secret Santa, donating to Toy’s for Tot’s, snowboarding, and going to church.

“We go to church Christmas Eve, after eating oyster stew, and then open presents from Santa and each other,” said Science Teacher Rachel Busch. “We always go in a circle and watch each other.  On Christmas morning we open the stockings gifts that Santa brings for us. We also have a big meal on Christmas day and an annual gingerbread house making party.”

Some of the 40 students and staff are planning on going out of state during break. These states include Hawaii, Montana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Florida, and South Dakota. Most though say that they are staying in Minnesota.

“I watch Christmas shows and race remote control cars with my cousins at my cousins house,” said Freshman Mikayla Billin.

Along with the traditions and traveling the 40 students and staff have many other plans. Some were to sleep, eat, going shopping, and relax and enjoy their break.

“I will probably spend most of my time hanging out with my friends and family. I’m really looking forward to sleeping in, and hopefully not having to worry about any homework, ” said Sophomore Taylor Holt. “I’m also really excited for New Years and Christmas this year. I will be having family over for Christmas and going to a friend’s house for New Years.”


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