Who inspires you?

Weather it’s a parent, sibling, or idol, we all have someone that we look up to. We say they ”inspire us”. Maybe it’s on something they have done in their life to make you see the good in them. Or they’ve helped someone else. No matter what it is, we have all got that person in our lives.

For Freshman Leah Mussell, it’s her siblings. “My sister and brother inspire me a lot,” said Mussell “They have done so many amazing things to their life and I am just so proud to call them my siblings.”

When it comes to looking up to someone, you may be inspired from a person who has the same interests as you. You get a connection to that person and you realize you are proud of them for what they’ve done and maybe what you learn from them.

“Mr. Bauman is a inspiration to me,” stated Senior Alexa Thielman “He’s constantly doing behind the scene things and it has made me inspired to inspire others and start to make an impact.” Along with that Junior Peter Cassady agrees. “Mr. Guida and Mr. Bauman inspire me,” said Cassady “The way they carry themselves and what they say with the positive attitudes that they have.”

For some people the inspiration may come from a famous person. For freshman Eric Newman this is true. “Michael Oher [The Blindside] inspires me,” said Newman “He’s been through tough times and he’s still has come out on top.”

Sometimes it may be a person who you just strait out look up to. A upperclassman, or even a lower one too.

“Michael Swearingen inspires me,” says Junior Olivia Wyatt, “He’s a very strong leader, and a very involved person alone with being highly optimistic and conscientious.”

Everyone has that one person in their life. When you are in a tough spot, or are lost in a time in your life, you may go to them. When times get tough, you can look around and you’ll see that they’re always there.

Story by: Kate Leipholtz

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