Baseball: Bison vs. Knights

April 28th’s game at St. Michael’s home field, compared to our blow out game last week on our own turf, was a huge step up. Last week the Buffalo Bison played a brutal game vs. St. Michael with a total of 8 errors and lost to the Knights 16 to 1.

Lasts night’s game vs. the STMA Knights was the kind of game that made you sit on the edge of your seat the entire time. The Bison made a huge leap and went into extra innings. The tension was high, and the Bison ended up giving away a game winning hit in the last inning, ending the game 15 to 14 which added another victory for the Knights.

The Bison battled throughout the entire game not letting up for one second. Player Brooks Belike said, “I think coming into a game against a team you already lost to by 15, you really have nothing to lose. So we took that mentality into the game and gave them a run for their money and almost pulled it out with a win”.

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