FFA donates $2,011 to Camp Courage

FFA members have been busy raising money. On October 25 they took off school to devote their time to the corn drive. Today, Tuesday December 6 the group will be giving the $2,011 they earned from the drive to children in need at Camp Courage.  Camp Courage is a camp for disabled children.

“I was nervous and I didn’t know the process, but the kids knew what they were doing. It was a really good day,” said FFA  teacher Kari Stai “We unloaded at Charles Krause’s  house. When we unloaded we had scales to weigh the corn the kids brought back. Then it was converted from pounds into bushels.  It was successful.”

The farmers could donate shelled corn, cob corn, or they could give a donation of money.While FFA was spending time helping raise money for a good cause they still find a way to have fun.

“In my group we unloaded three loads of shelled corn, one load of cob corn, and earned around 350 dollars,” said Junior Adviser Jodie Kowalke. “I enjoyed decorating the truck the most. We put a lot of time into the saying, and it being an all girls truck we just had so much fun with it. We prove that FFA isn’t all bout boys.”


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