FFA Packs for State Contests

The “State Team” members of the Buffalo FFA Chapter are spending the last part of their Friday at school preparing for missed assignments, and trying to catch teachers before they head off to the State Contest, starting on Sunday at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus. The Buffalo Chapter will be staying at the Northland Inn, as the only FFA Chapter Staying in the hotel.

“Staying at the Northland Inn is way more fun than staying at a closer hotel with other FFA Chapters.” Said Fish and Wildlife team member and Sophomore Chris Alama, “We have Glass Elevator Races, and usually take over the whole pool area for almost all of sunday afternoon, just making a mess and having fun before we have to be serious on Monday morning.”

Although State Contests may sound like all fun and games, the partcipants take their contests very seriously, and try to do little things to lighten up the atmosphere at State.

“This year the State Teams got t-shirts that say LUBBEN KID on the front in big letters.” Said Sophomore Melissa Neske, “the back says: IF FOUND, PLEASE RETURN TO THE AG ROOM, D-105. We are wearing them so we are distinctly different from the other chapters, because we all have to wear official dress at state.”

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