Students share their reasons for skipping homework

Homework, everyone dreads it, and sometimes it just doesn’t get done. Sometimes it’s too much, or other times kids simply don’t have time. From sports, family, and just plain laziness schedules don’t seem to match up. But others have their own view on it.

Junior Gunner Schwanke is known for his game sessions with his friends, or you can catch him in the pool during the swim/dive season.  Schwanke gets caught up in both sports and life around his house.

“I skip homework because I go to school to learn,” said  Schwanke. “I go home to do other things. If a teacher can’t teach you in school, they should be replaced. I have things to do at home and a life, also.”

There are many reasons to why kids chose to skip out on homework. Sports can play a big part in this, they’re both time consuming and tiring.

Mitchell Valli is a Junior who hits the sports hard year round. His sports vary from Pole Vaulting, to Football where he is a receiver for Varsity. Valli shows dedication through  out the year with both school and sports, but sometimes there’s excuses.

“After a big game I go home, shower, and head straight to bed,” said Junior Mitchell Valli. “It doesn’t matter if we win or lose; it’s just the fact that I’m almost dead.”


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