Students take to the woods for Deer Opener

“I’ve never felt that feeling before,” said Junior Justin Miller, “I don’t even know how to explain but I can honestly say I’ve never felt it before and it feels really good.”

Photo by Emma Rodelius

Deer Opener for rifle hunting this season began on Saturday morning. Hunters are allowed to shoot a half-hour before sunrise, until a half-hour after sunset. All rifle hunters must be wearing blaze orange.

“I was like,’woooah’, when I shot it,” said Sophomore Maria Schmidt. “It felt really good, my parents congratulated me. I shot it yesterday morning, it was a doe.”

There is expected to be 1,200 deer taken this year in Minnesota. Hunting in the 100 zone series ends November 20. In the 200 or 300 series, it ends November 13.

“It was very exciting, it was pretty awesome when it’s head exploded, like literally,” said Sophmore Ben Bieringer, “My dad was excited because he didn’t get anything so he was proud of me, and my mom, she just thought it was sort of cool.”
Over fifty percent of the deer killed this year are expected to be taken in the first two days of the season. However, tewnty-five percent of the deer harvested this year will be fawns.

Published by Jake Michalko

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