2009-2010 cheerleading squads

The time has come again for all girls grades 9th-11th to show off their skills and tryout to be a 2009-2010 Buffalo High school cheerleader.  4 Clinics are being held before tryouts on April 27th-30th.  Tryouts will be held on May 4th and May 5th.  Girls trying out need only attend there designated day.

  The girls will be learning 4 BHS cheers, and some basic cheerleading skills that will be needed for the tryout.   The will be three different squads that they girls can try out for.  They can also tryout for more then one squad.  There is Varsity fall cheerleading, Winter cheerleading, and competition squad.  The fall cheerleaders can have up to 16 girls on the squad, and will travel to all football games home, and away, including all post-season games.  The winter cheerleaders can have up to 12 girls on the squad, and will cheer at all home boys basketball games, and all post-season basketball games.  The competition squad can have up to 20 members, grades 7th through 12th.  The competition squad will compete  in 5-8 local competions and a national cheeleading compeition is eligable.  This squad is designed for cheerleaders who are ready to test their skills, and push themselves as far as they can go. 

Along with the demand of tryouts, the girls that are fortunate to make the teams will be apearing at local events through out the summer.  They will be handing out programs at the buffalo parade, and they will be proforming at the Hanover and Montrose parade later in the summer. 

Look for your new 2009-2010 cheerleading squad around Buffalo, and other Wright County events this summer, and next fall.  Help them cheer on the Buffalo High School teams.  Show your support, hope to see you at the games!

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