Zeke Brailler explains how he built the perfect rocket

Freshman Zeke Brailler holds his rocket before launching it during Cliff Wold's third block physical science class. Brailler's best distance was 155 meters. Photo by Emma Rodelius

One hundred and seven meters later, Freshman Zeke Brailler’s project was one of the farthest rockets across the field in Cliff Wold’s physical science class. Brailler spent this week creating his rocket and tweaking it to be one of the best ones in the class.

“I made the nose of my rocket longer and thinner using skewer sticks wrapped in duct tape,” said Brailler. “It has better aerodynamics when it’s skinnier.”

Brailler put a lot of thought into his rocket outside of school as well.

“During the block I started to work on the throttle and ended up taking it home to finish it,” said Brailler. “I also spray painted it gold that night.”

Speaking to Brailler’s classmates, they agreed that Zeke’s rocket would be the most successful in the launch.

“Zeke’s looks different, he said it would go the furthest,” said classmate Lexie Schmidt. “He’s really smart, so we all believed him.”

Brailler couldn’t wait to launch off his rocket to impress the class.

“It’s fun to watch it go really far,” said Brailler. “I want to have the best rocket, better than anybody else’s.”

Brailler was happy with his final launch this week of 155 meters. Out of excitement he screamed  “nicccccccce!” as his rocket flew across the field.

Story by Maddi Herzfeld & Bailey Hanson


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