BHS’s superfans fans come out of the woodwork

”It all came to my head one night when I was watching one of my favorite T.V. shows, Firday Night Lights,” said Senior and creator of SUPERFANS Abbie Larson. “The whole town in that show is devoted to their football team and it got me inspired to try and create the same thing here at Buffalo High School, and we wanted to call it, SUPERFANS.”

SUPERFANS started as a group that was created on Facebook by Seniors Larson and Katie Kemp is used to coordniate BHS students who are willing to go “all out” during Buffalo’s Varsity football games.

“The reason why we created SUPERFANS on Facebook was so that we could get the majority of the kids in our school to come out in the stands and yell their heads off in a simple way. People post different ideas for what the theme should be for each game and it makes going to the games a whole lot more fun,” said Kemp.

Each week there would be a general theme for each game, where everyone in the stands would dress up to the particular theme for that week. Someone would post the theme on SUPERFANS and kids would see it and then would pass it on to others. So far the themes for the past games have been Neon, Blackout, Purple Pride, and Camo.

“Out of all the themes we have had so far, Neon was my favorite because it caught the most attention to the parents and the opposing team the most,” said Larson.

Soon after SUPERFANS was created, the idea of all the “SUPERFANS” tailgating before each home game became a popular idea. Tailgating is usually a large group of people coming together bringing out grills to cook up food for eachother before sporting events, especially football.

“I think tailgating this year made the football games ablast. Kids brought out grills to cook hot dogs and burgers. We had a ping pong tournament one week and a volleyball game the next. It’s just a good time for all the fans to show off their pride and enthusiasm,” said Kemp.

Abby and Katie plan on taking SUPERFANS past the football season and into the hockey season this winter as well. Fans can get involved by Liking the SUPERFANS group on Facebook.

“The more people the better,” said Larson.

Written by : Joe Neumann  Photo Credit: Dan Timm

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