Business practices class meets their mentors

Brenda Diekman’s Business Practices Class traveled to KPMG Accounting Firm in Minneapolis on October 12 to meet their mentors.

The class of sixteen juniors and seniors have been given a mentor to communicate with for eight weeks. The mentors are given to the students by the company Best Prep. The students can ask their mentors questions about things that are related to business and about the topic the class is learning about each week.

“We send one e-mail every Tuesday, asking them about their career  and getting advice that has to do with the business world, and what we are learning about that week.” said senior Bailey Kramer “It was nice to finally put a face to the name.

In addition to meeting their mentors, they got a tour and they learned how to run a business meeting. After they went to Jake’s restaurant to practice proper etiquette.

“We practiced our etiquette because you need it for business interviews,” said Kramer.

Diekman is excited for this class to continue. It will continue to be offered for juniors and seniors.

“The thing I liked the best about mentoring is the first hand feed back,” said Brenda Diekman.

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