As the last final bell rings, seniors reflect on how they’ve changed

“How do you feel like you’ve changed from your first month as a senior to your last week?”
“Uhmm… well…”
“Hold on… I need to think for a sec.”
“Well… holy cow, give me a minute.”
One simply asked question, so difficult to answer for BHS seniors. Senior year isn’t something many tend to over think but when they’re asked to explain how they’ve grown, it takes a minute for you to gather the knowledge you’ve gained over the course of a year to come up with the actual answer that surprised many.

“Well, I guess I’d like to think I’ve become a more patient and introspective person.” said senior Sam Kemp, “But more importantly, I’ve learned how to take it easy when it’s necessary.”

After thinking about senior year and all everyone has accomplished in nine months, some students are prepared to hit campus while others are now being struck with the reality of having to figure out where and what they’re doing with the rest of their lives.

“Well before I was so laid back and stuff, said senior Ashley Patri, “but now I have to know what I want to do for the rest of my life so its kinda scary. So now I’m more aware.”

Aside from being a little afraid, it’s important to learn how to gather all you’ve captured through the last year of high school and apply that to every day life.

“During my senior year, I’ve really started to understand the responsibility that awaits outside of our comfortable lives at home.” said senior Michael LaCroix, “ We will have to start paying for school and living expenses. It’s a little overwhelming but I know I’ll be ok.”

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