Students Continue Last Day of School Traditions

With the last week approaching, students prepare for the last day of school and the traditions they do.

Some students like to start celebrating the last day on an early note.  “The morning of the last day of school my friends and I all go to Perkins for breakfast,” said Senior Kaylee Korbel. “We’ve done it since we were freshman and it’s sad to think that this will be our last time doing it together.”

Not everyone likes to get up at six in the morning though so they choose to do something with their friends after school is out for the summer.  “I live on a lake so I always get talked into having people over on the last day of school which is fine by me because if its nice enough everyone goes swimming otherwise we just have a fire down at the beach,” said Junior Leeza Kennedy. “It’s the perfect way to kick the summer off.”

One of the other traditions that many kids in the school participate in is driving their tractor or ride of their choice to school, wearing homemade final day shirts, or having a fire and burning all left over school work like Senior Katie Dougherty and friends. With all of the traditions it is clear that students are ready for the summer.

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