Planning for Fun in the Sun

With school ending quickly and summer at full speed ahead, students at BHS are begining to think about that one question that seems so hard to answer. What exactly are you doing with your time this summer? From work to play, beaches to books, students are finishing the year strong and getting excited for the sun.

“Well since I’m the princess of the wright county fair,” said Senior Bailey Schnell, “I have parades, coronations, fundraisers and candidate events with my other princess, Miranda Mazer. I have events every weekend and sometimes during the week.”

Town celebrations and parades aren’t the only thing kids are finding themselves pulled to, some students are gearing to hit the library for that first summer book, and others are planning their graduation parties to celebrate all of their hard work from the past four years.

Summer has always been the one thing kids look forward to throughout the year, but many are remembering to finish the year out strong here at BHS. Most students don’t have anything planned and are just getting through the next week before worrying about it. Things will come up as they do, and there is nothing to need to plan, it’s summer!

“I’m starting my summer off by going to Spain!” said Sophomore Sandy Swanson, “After that I plan on spending a lot of my time out on the lake and hanging out with friends. Nothing super planned out.”

While some are planning their last high school summer, many others are preparing to begin their own journeys through Buffalo High School. We may all have different likes and dislikes, but everyone here at BHS has one common like, having fun in the sun during summer.


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