Girls: What ten things do boys look for in you?

Is it her hair, her smile, or the way she looks at you? What really sparks their interest? Well there was only one way to find out.

Girls may be self conscious about themselves thinking;

“I don’t look good today, I’m too fat or too skinny, boys don’t talk to me, or that girl is prettier than I am he’d pick her.”

Here is something that could be a confidence booster and make you realize you are wonderful the way you are, you’re YOU.

When surveying 50 boys around Buffalo High School, the results came back with the top ten following responses:

1. Natural Beauty

2. Has a sense of humor

3. Has a life of her own. Pays attention to her friends not just you

4. She’s always herself. Not different around friends & has to be shorter than him

5. Makes the first move on occasion

6. She’s not self conscious and believes in herself

7. Physical Attraction

8. Does little things to show that she cares

9. 4 way tie; Genuine, grateful, tom-boy, and intelligence

10. Faster paced relationship.

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