Huff takes Second at High School Art Competition

The 29th annual High School Art competition and Exhibition kicked off last night at the Paramount Theatre in St. Cloud. High School students around the state enter their artwork from detailed paintings and watercolor to sculpture or Ceramic peices. This year 15 schools and over 170 entries were submitted to the show; a record high since the show started in 1980. Of the entries, nine were from Buffalo Highschool, and of those nine, Junior Abbigale Huff recieved second place for her drawing ‘Generations’.

Woman views Abigail Huff's 'Generations'. Photo by Cora Fox
Woman views Abigail Huff's 'Generations'. Photo by Cora Fox

Generations is a picture of Huff’s grandfather and of her father. The twist to her drawing is that it is completley assembled by text, meaning that instead of pencil strokes that a traditional drawing has, this drawing is peiced together from words.

“To be able to create a realistic image completley out of text is extremely difficult to do.” says Kirissa Grams, a drawing major at St. Cloud State University and one of the judges at the competition. “This drawing has so much emotion. When you draw a photograph it is difficult to apply the same life a photograph holds. This drawing has Life in it.”

The art show is not only a competition but a gallery in itself. Jon Holtz and Ciann Jackson, art teachers at BHS, loaded up three vehicles of former and current art students to visit this gallery on award night.

“It’s good for our students to see what other schools are making and witness the level of how their students are making it.” says Holtz.

'Generations' by Abigail Huff
'Generations' by Abigail Huff

After looking around in the galleries, the students clapped for their classmate when her name was called as a winner at the award ceremony. Though Huff was unable to attend the ceremony and receive her award, she was well represented by the art students of Buffalo High.

The artwork entered into the gallery at the Paramount Theatre in St. Cloud will continue to be on display until May 1st. Free of charge, come visit the gallery to look at the award winning ‘Generations’ and admire the other vaious art peices created by highschool students.

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