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Twisters and Rain and Hail, Oh my!

“It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s cloudy, it’s sunny, now it’s raining…” This seems to be the trend of the Midwestern weather through the past couple of weeks. We’ve had warm days at nearly 90 degrees with sunshine and we’ve had 50 degrees with tornadoes roaring through. So let’s enjoy the sunshine before the rain clouds come back dark and mean.

“I sit in my porch and listen to the rain on the metal roof or I go outside and splash around in the puddles with my sister.” said Junior Carolyn Fox, “Oh, if there is a tornado, I cower in my basement watching channel 9 news and hold my cat. I am terrified of tornadoes!”

BHS students like to spend their rainy days baking, playing with photography, crafting, playing video games or getting out side and playing in the rain, just waiting for the arrival of another sunny day.

“I had a friend over and we babysat my little siblings while my parents were out for the day,” said Junior Jordyn Broten, “and played games together and had fun just being together. Rainy days are great for bonding.”

With more rain on it’s way for the weekend, students can only hope that the weather man is wrong again. When we come to realize that’s not typically the case, they need to find things to do and rearrange weekend plans. With tornadoes whipping through North Minneapolis and Joplin, Missouri, Minnesotans can’t help but wonder just what kind of summer is in store for the year. Only time and barometers can tell.


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