Top 5 Senior Memories

With the final countdown hung in the senior hallway, the 2010-2011 school year is coming to an end. For seniors, this is a bittersweet time. While getting ready to graduate, making summer agendas, and finalizing future plans, seniors are reminiscing on their last year of high school.

These are the top five memories that seniors enjoyed the most about their final year.

1. Prom. The prom theme was “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” and was held at the St. Cloud Civic center on May 7. With formal attire, dancing, and spending the night with friends, it was one of the last time the all of the seniors will be together, and it was a night to remember. “It was memorable for the seniors knowing it was our last dance. Everyone took it in and enjoyed it together,” said Senior Kaylee Korbel.

2. Sports. Whether it was dressing up for girls state basketball, or playing football for their final year,

seniors will never forget playing sports in high school. “I’ve had a lot of great memories from senior year but going to state for cross country was probably my favorite, it’s was nice that after four years of hard work I got to finish my final season at the state meet. ” said Senior Blake Solberg.

3. Senior privileges. At the beginning of fourth quarter, the seniors got many opportunities that underclassmen don’t. It started with not having to start class until 10 am while the rest of the students were taking the MCA’s. Seniors can also leave at 2:00, skipping AAA and SSR. But seniors mostly enjoyed senior appreciation day. Seniors stayed home to prepare for prom and liked having a day off just for them.

4. Classes. Coming into the high school from the middle school, freshmen say that they like all of the choices they have for classes. As seniors, they still have some of their best memories inside the classroom. “I’d have to say that so far my top memory from senior year would be being able to be part of the music department during such a successful year. MMEA and Showcase were great and it’s sad to think that I won’t be part of it anymore. I’ve met a lot of great people through choir, and gotten to sing a lot of great music!” Said Senior Sarah Oliver.

5. Class Color Day. With each class dressing up in their different colors, the seniors flooded the halls with black on class color day. It is a time for seniors to show off who they are to the underclassmen. “My top memory would be walking through the halls in the morning of class color day,” Senior Marissa Moe said, “We all literally flooded the halls. When we filled up together by the front office (led by Michael Patchen) we all stood chanting ‘Mischke!’ It was ultimately one of the most epic moments of the year.

The senior students still have a few last things to look forward to at the high school. Distribution of yearbooks and student appreciation day is Friday June 3. This will be the final yearbook that seniors are featured in and able to purchase, but they will be able to keep them for the rest of their lives to look back on. The graduation ceremony is June 10th at 7pm. The all night grad party is after the graduation ceremony, and is truly the last time the class of 2011 will all be together.

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