Successful Track and Field meet for Bison

            On Saturday April 4, the Buffalo Bison Track and Field team competed in the University of Minnesota indoor meet. The Bison were one of almost 30 teams and overall they did very well. They brought as many kids as possible and many athletes only ran one event in order for other kids to go. The meet was a very good learning experience for athletes to prepare for the outdoor season.

            There were a lot of returning faces at the meet but there were also a lot of new faces. Unlike other teams, the Bison are very well rounded, they have quite a few good athletes for many events. Also they have a very strong under classmen base which will continue to grow in years to come. “I went last year, and I had a lot of fun, so I hope this year will be the same. There were a lot of fast kids, but I hope to do good,” says Sophomore Ethan Kalinowski.

            There were many outstanding performances at the meet. Senior Keenan Stangle won the 60 meter hurdle event, and was close to breaking the school record. Early in the medley relay a hand off led to a dropped baton and the Bison team was left in the dust, but Senior Zach Mellon, who was anchor of the relay, caught up to the first place runner and won the event. The Bison were very excited about the relay and it boosted the already high morale of the team. All the athletes performed very well and the coaches were pleased with the overall outcome.

            The Bison got a look at the competition that they will face in the future. The meet was a good example for the younger athletes as to how everything works. The meet lasted into the late afternoon and the Bison headed home tired, sore and happy. They will have a day to rest up before practice starts again on Monday.


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