Students choose their favorite classes, Spanish comes up on top

In a recent Hoofprint.net survey, students chose their all-time favorite classes at BHS and their favorite required classes. 80 students were surveyed from all grade levels.

Here are the Top 10 All-Time Favorite Classes:

  1. Spanish (all classes)
  2. German (all classes)
  3. Phy. Ed.
  4. Tech. Ed.
  5. Band
  6. Journalism 1&2
  7. Art
  8. Chemistry (General, CIS)
  9. Classic Novel
  10. Higher Level Math (Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus)

“She [Eiynck] is an awesome teacher. She is willing to help woth school or anything you need. The students were awesome too we were like a big family and we had a ton of fun together,” said Senior Rebekah Bjork about Spanish 3.

“The teacher is amazing!” said Sophomore Elizabeth Thompson about German 3 with Michele Strassburg. “She has a great sense of humor.”

And here are the Top 10 favorite required classes:

  1. Science 9
  2. Biology
  3. Economics
  4. English 10
  5. American History
  6. Required Math (Algebra, Geometry, Integrated Math, etc.)
  7. World Studies
  8. Chemistry
  9. American Experience
  10. Phy. Ed.

“Bergquist makes the class fun using candy and games, while we still learn about economics,” explains Senior Kayla Schimmele about her favorite class, Economics.

“Mr. Wold is an awesome teacher, and he got me interested in pursuing a career in teaching science,” said Senior Rachel Mussell about Enriched Science 9.

The most popular reason students gave for picking their favorite class was because of the teacher they had or because it was easy or that they had several of their friends in it with them.


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