Students Can’t Fight the Moonlight at Prom

Sunshine, no wind, no rain, and not a cloud in the sky started the day off for a perfect prom. From hair appointments  to picking up tuxedos, Buffalo’s prom was a success.

“I’ve chaperoned many proms in the past, but this was probably one of the best proms yet,” stated teacher Tracy Hulley, “I just felt like everyone was having fun and was very appreciative.”

Buffalo made some changes from last year’s prom to this year’s. Some things that were changed were the DJ at the dance and adding a photo-booth at the dance.

“I thought the photo-booth was really cool,” said Senior Jillian Birkholtz, “It seemed like it was very popular and a lot of people enjoyed it!”

Although, prom does have its expense. The average girl spent $240 on her dress and the average guy spent $130 on his tuxedo. Additional costs were put into flowers, transportation, dinner, and hair appointments.

“Even though prom was expensive, it was totally worth it,” stated Junior Lexie Magaard, “It was a good night all around.”

Buffalo’s prom participants walked out of the dance with smiles on their faces and positive energy.

“Everyone seemed so happy leaving the dance,” said Hulley, “We can only plan decorations; we can’t plan for the kids to have fun, so it’s a good feeling knowing everyone did.”

It’s evident that everyone had a fun, safe prom. Many students claim it was a night they will never forget and that it was the best prom yet.

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