For Some, School is Over

For most Seniors at Buffalo High School, school ends on June 9, but for some students school is already out. Through PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Options) some students are able to take college classes through a university instead of a typical high-school class. Because of this, the cost of college is drastically reduced due to state funding.

“I got all my books, tuition, and everything else for free because the state pays for it,” said Senior Sarah Frost, “so the money is being taken from the high-school.  I pretty much saved 10,000 dollars, and I get out early. May 14th.”

With so much free time for some, one would expect them to still have the burden of coming to public schooling everyday.

“Well, in my free time I play a lot of robot unicorn attack at least lately but really I’m still at school. Sometimes I like eavesdropping on discussions in classes and sometimes I give my own words,” said Senior Michael LaCroix. “It’s fun because they’re having a good discussions about things and you have the opportunity to be apart of that freely.”

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