Want Milk? It’s free.

Down in the Cafeteria, during breakfast and lunch everyday, students who do not want a milk put it in a grey bucket and it goes to donation for kids who want one or just want an extra one.

Regular lunch costs $2.30 with a milk and one side. Many students benefit from buying a milk because of the factor of cost. If you do not buy a milk, everything is priced separately and it costs you more than a regular lunch.

“We are doing this to save money,” Said Lynette Newman. “Some kids can’t afford a milk, but others can and if they do not want it they can simply donate it to other students who do want a milk. It saves them money and the school because that way it isn’t getting wasted and just tossed into the trash can. Boys always want more than one milk carton and this is their chance to have another one, and it’s free, you don’t have to pay extra for it. Our staff and facilty just didn’t want to see milk go to a waste anymore so this is what we had come up with, and so far it is working very well.”

Some people don’t like milk or don’t buy it because they don’t know it isn’t counted as a lunch and priced separately  , but now High School students have the option to have a cheaper lunch and if they do not want the milk they can donate it to other students around the lunch room who do want one.

“I think it’s a neutral idea,” said Sophomore Julia Bothum. “I mean when you don’t want the milk, you usually end up giving it to someone who sits at your table and I honestly haven’t seen anyone really use the milk donation thing. If I didn’t want my milk, I would give it to a friend at a table, I wouldn’t think about putting it in the donation box. I guess I just haven’t seen it used, so I’m not sure about the whole idea.”

“I love the idea because I get breakfast every morning and I usually just get the sandwich,” Said Junior Tyler Cashin. “When I get just the sandwich it is cheaper then also getting a milk, and I would rather take a donated milk from the donation box rather then paying $.50 extra for a milk when I don’t need to spend that money.”

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