NSPA executive director visits Journalism 2 class to award Pacemaker

Revealing two shiny plaques, Executive Director of the National Scholastic Press Association, Logan Aimone,

Photo by Nicholas Weeks

handed the pacemaker award to the Journalism 2 class, who are responsible for the Hoofprint website. The Pacemaker is the highest award possible in high school journalism, making among the best websites in the country.

Observing the presentation of the Pacemaker, Assistant Principal Kris Thompson was also commended the third block class for their outstanding achievements on behalf of the administration.

Photo by Nicholas Weeks

Aimone continued to spend the afternoon interacting with the staff, and learning how they worked together to get to the point it’s at today. Aimone also spent time talking with Advisor Ryan McCallum, and gave staff advice for maintaining, and improving the future of the website during work time.

“It’s really cool to have recognized, especially because we are the only pacemaker winners without editors on staff,” said Senior Annalee Mason. “It was even bigger that he gave it to us in person, and took the time to talk to us.”


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