Spain Trip Draws Closer

The school year is about to start it’s fourth and final quarter of the year. Some students are studying up for finals or making their last preparations for College, but 16 Spanish students are packing their bags for their summer trip. On June 13th, Spanish speaking students from language levels Two to Four will be boarding a plain and leaving for Spain.

As a language trip the students will mainly be traveling to develope and modify their current knowledge of the spanish language by staying with a host family.

“The students will learn so much about the People of Spain.” says Spanish Teacher, Nancy Eiynck. “Not only about the language but of the culture and their daily lives!”

The students will visit historical sights such as the Roman Aqueducts, a Gothic Cathedral, and the Alhambra Palace (to name a few). They will travel around the country to the cities of Madrid (population of 6 million plus), Toledo, and Granada, as well as the famous beaches of La Costa del Sol.

“I participated in a student exchange during high school to Spain.” states Spanish Teacher and Coordinator for the Spain Trip, Daryl Boeckers, “I quickly learned to appreciate the people and how connected Spain is to Europe.”

June 13th is drawing closer and Senor Boeckers and Senora Eiynck, as they are called by their students, have been putting the final touches on their plans. Even The second largest Art Museum in Europe, El Museo Prado, is on their list of travels.

“Mostly, I think it will be fun to actually look and experience all of the things that we have studied in class.” says Eiynck

All that is left to do is wait for school to pass and the summer months to come. While some students are relaxing at home, or spending a sunny day at the beach, 16 students will be stepping into a world that they have never experienced before.

“Senor” Boeckers states, “The Kids will have a truly authentic experience in Spain, speaking with me, with the Spanish and their host families in Spanish. They will find out that it is much different than they anticipate.”

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