Eiynck steps away, students step up

For many seniors, being a Teachers Assistant is a time to relax, do homework, and enjoy the last moments before graduating.  But when Spanish teacher Nancy Eiynck had to unexpectedly leave, her TA’s stepped up to fill the role of teacher.  Students Amanda Munoz, Michael LaCroix, Olivia Haggerty, Rebekah Bjork, and Trace Kluck, have dedicated their “free time” to helping teach the Spanish 2 and 3 classes. They spend the full 80 minutes helping the kids with lessons and learning the language.

Eiynck faced an extremely difficult situation fourth quarter of the 2010-2011 school year.  Both of her parents were very ill, so she chose to end early, and take unpaid leave for the remainder of the year.  Wednesday, April 20, was Eiynck’s last day on the job.

“It’s already different without her here, and its only been a few days,” said Spanish teacher Daryl Boeckers.  “She is so important to us, and is basically the mother of the department.  It’s weird not hearing her walk in every morning saying ‘Hola Buenas Dias’.”

Munoz helps teach the Spanish 2 class all by herself, under the supervision of a non-Spanish speaking substitute.  She teaches the lessons, goes over notes, and works on their communication skills.

“It’s so hard because I am all by myself.  I don’t have anyone to tell me what to do or how to do it,” said Munoz.

LaCroix, Haggerty, Bjork, and Kluck have all advanced to the college level of Spanish, and help with the Spanish 3 classes.

“I am honestly grateful to have students who are capable and willing to help out the non-Spanish speaking sub. It has made a world of difference for me,” said Eiynck.

Eiynck is known for being an open and caring teacher whose energetic and vibrant personality reaches everyone. Many seniors have a close bond with her, including Senior Dj McMoil who has helped in her classes all year during his Post-Secondary (PSEO) block.

“Eiynck is one of the best teachers in the school,” said McMoil. “She’s one of the many great teachers in her department, and students relate to her well. She provides a perfect learning environment and a role model to come to if you need help with anything, spanish or not.”

Eiynck will still be around to help with some of the grading of the classes and for prom. If circumstances allow, she plans on returning next year.


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