Lydia Wagner is given an opportunity others only dream of

Lydia Wagner is a junior at BHS. She has been actively involved in theater within the school since 6th grade. Lydia was recently given the opportunity to try out for a senior intensive class held at Children’s Theater in Minneapolis.

“Basically my voice coach e-mailed me saying there were auditions for a play at the Children’s Theater called ‘Assassins’. All I had to do was e-mail them and request a slot to audition,” said Wagner.

The initial audition was last Thursday. Lydia sang one minute of “Astanishing” and then had to do a dance audition right after.

“It was scary,” said Wagner. “Most people who were auditioning had auditioned before and this was my first time so I was a bit intimidated.”

After a week, they sent Lydia an e-mail saying she had a callback. She went to the callbacks and was e-mailed within a few hours after her performance saying she was in.

“I was beyond excited,” said Wagner,.”I happened to be at Godspell practice so everyone there found out with me. There was a lot of hugging and cheering going on.”

The reason why this is called a senior intensive class is because the actors and actresses do not get paid and it is not performed on the main stage.

“Assassins” is about seven presidential assassins. It is a series of internal monologues and songs. The play follows their perspective about the American Dream and how the assassins want to follow it.

“It is a very political play,” said Wagner. “It is the most controversial musical out there.”

The show will be performed sometime this August at the Children’s Theater. For more information, click here.


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