What 10 places at BHS are dirtier than a toilet?

This shows the bacteria grown from a swab of a locker lock. Click the image to view in a larger size.

Wash your hands, cover your cough, sneeze into your elbow, or use a kleenex,” are all phrases we heard as a young child. Things begin to change as you get older, the responsibility solely depends upon yourself. As you grow older you don’t always have a teacher or adult guiding you to cleanliness or peers singing the alphabet around you as you wash your hands. Keeping yourself clean keeps the things around you clean, thus the risk of getting sick decreases.
Samples were taken from various places amoung the school and were left to incubate for the weekend. Monday morning all ten petri dishes had some sort of bacertia growing on them, excluding the toilet.

If you would have had to guess how many locations out of ten were dirtier than a toilet, what would you have said?
The problem isn’t that the toilets aren’t being cleaned, it’s just the fact that students aren’t keeping up with daily hygeine procedures as often as they should. In order for everyone to have a healthier environment, we all need to do our part in keeing up good hygeine.

10 Ten Places that are dirtier than a toilet

This dish shows bacteria grown from a swab of a BHS toilet. Click the image for a larger size.

In order from dirtiest to cleanest the order of the bacteria shown:

  1. Locker lock
  2. Ketchup Dispenser
  3. Paper towel handle in the bathroom
  4. Keyboard
  5. Boys locker room water fountain
  6. Handle of a bathroom stall
  7. Soap dispenser from the bathroom
  8. Stapler
  9. Push handle of the front door
  10. Handle of the bathroom sink
  11. The toilet
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