BHS Counselor moves on to different ventures

Student Counselor Gloria Rose has recently confirmed her retirement at Buffalo High School after impacting students for 24 years.

“It has been a difficult decision but I am ready for new adventures. That’s how I look at it,” said Rose. “My main motivation was that my husband is retired and my family is spread out so it gives me more travel flexibility. I want to travel, volunteer, take piano lessons, quilt, and do things outdoors. I want to hike in the grand canyons. My husband and I are going on an Alaskan cruise as somewhat of a celebration of my retirement and to explore.”

Rose has about 450 students every year. That totals around 10,800 students in the entirety of her career.

“It’s difficult to empathize with students in some situations but it’s fulfilling to help a student with dealing with situations and planning their future,” Said Rose. “Teaching and counseling are very fulfilling jobs and it’s great to know you make a difference. Anyone who works in a school system makes that impact. I will miss the students because they are wholesome and talented.”

Beyond those students that are assigned to her coming in freshman year, many non-assigned students have taken to her.

“She’s not even my counselor but I go see and talk to her,” said Senior Jessica Elsenpeter. “She’s so likable and easy to talk to.”

After so many years of experience and loyalty to BHS, Rose will be missed dearly. She has advised so many students yet appreciates what the students and staff at BHS have taught her.

“You come to a realization as you get older that you are not indispensable,” said Rose “My advice to any other new counselor would be to enjoy every day with students and staff because it goes by fast.”

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