AAA Improv Show of the Year

On March 21st, 2011, AAA Improv was going fine. The audience was laughing, the players were having fun, and the game (5 Things, explained below) was going well. But, at the end of the game, the score was tied at 2 – 2. Michael Patchen, one of improv’s greatest participants, and one of the players in this game, announced after the bell rang at the top of his lungs, “REMATCH!”

This proclamation, this challenge, was accepted by the opposing team. The two teams of three players each are set to play again soon, though the date has yet to be set in stone. Some of the best players will be playing in this rematch, including, but not limited to Seniors Jacob Bastin, Michael Patchen, Daryn Strand, Marissa Moe, and Christian Illies.

The game of 5 things is simple. Two teams of three are required to play. 1 player from each team is sent out of the room. These 2 players are the “Guessers” for their respective teams. Then, the audience gives 5 suggestions, 5 things. For example, the final thing in the game that ended in the tie was “Crocodile Eating a Puppy”.  Once the 5 things are written on the white board, it’s covered up and the players outside of the room come back in. They sit down on stage, and the game begins.

The two players that were inside for both teams bargain between each other for the shortest amount of time they can get their “Guesser” to guess the first thing by acting it out on stage. They aren’t allowed to speak when acting, though sounds and gibberish are allowed. The bargaining goes back and forth until one team wins the betting for shortest time. That team then performs on stage, acting out any way they can to get their “Guesser” to figure out what the thing is, for the determined length of time.

After the time is up, the “Guesser” makes a guess. A correct guess gives that team a point, and they move on to the next thing. If the “Guesser” gets it wrong, the other team’s “Guesser” gets to make a guess. If both get it wrong, the team that didn’t act has the same amount of time to act, then both “Guessers” get another chance to guess. If both teams have acted and neither “Guesser” has gotten it correct, neither team receives a point and they move on to the next thing. This continues until all 5 things have been acted out and guessed for. The team with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

AAA Improv is played (Usually) on Mondays and Fridays, though the scheduling is sporadic. On the days that Improv is happening, there will be a sign on one of the Block Box’s (Room A-218) windows saying there is Improv. Scheduling is also an issue for the players,  as it is difficult to get all of them together on the same day in that room.

Eventually, this rematch is going to happen, and the energy level and combined Improv experience shared between the players that will be involved will make for the best Improv show of the year. Come and watch, but be warned: You are going to laugh harder than you’ve ever laughed before.


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