Freshmen reflect on their first year

Incoming freshmen have many thoughts in their minds about high school, considering they are entering a whole new world.  Kids emotions can range from really nervous to extremely excited.  Their emotions depend highly on their attitude towards new situations.  Although, some students minds aren’t exactly focused on academics.

“I was thinking about all the older high school girls,” said Freshman Tim Harkess.

Throughout the year, kids experienced a wide range of opportunities and situations.  For freshmen, high school  is a whole new world in itself, but while trying to balance sports, high school academics, and other extracurricular activities, they can certainly become frustrated, rushed, and sometimes get behind in classes.  However, not everyone falls behind.  Some kids excel and strive for perfection, and have no trouble at all with the new work load.

“You can’t just put your work off to the side, you actually have to get it done,” said Freshman Cassie Kunkel.

Freshman working hard during class.

Everyone has expectations of what they think high school would be.  It varies from a whole new role of responsibility, more privileges, and more opportunities.  High school is an exciting time for teenagers, and should be fun for everyone.

“I just came to school thinking it was just another average day of school,” Freshman Andrew Iverson.

When freshmen year is over, sophomore year starts, after before you know it, your graduating from high school.  Just like freshmen had expectations for the 2010-2011 school year, they have high expectations for the rest of their high school career.

“Whatever happens, happens,” said Kunkel.

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