A Dozen White Roses from a Stranger

A 5’2″ brunette freshman girl stood shocked as she was handed a dozen white roses in the hallway before school started yesterday. Her shock came from the fact that she had never before met the person who was now giving  her flowers. He explained that this was a random act, so she had little reason to feel uncomfortable, and walked away.

“It started when people from my youth group and I were talking about flowers one day,” said Junior Michael Holmstrom. ” I was talking about how hilarious it would be to give a random person flowers and they challenged me to do it so I did.”

This was the second time Holmstrom has done this and he plans to continue the tradition on a monthly basis.

“I give a note along the with the flowers explaining why I do it,” said Holmstrom. “Both girls blushed and smiled quite a bit when I gave them the flowers. The best part of it is making somebody’s day.”


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