First day and first year of Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse

Lacrosse has been a club sport for Buffalo in the past years, but this year it is officially considered a school sport. After raising $20,000, Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse is now official. In order to keep this as a school sport, they must raise $20,000 each year; $10,000 for boys and $10,000 for girls.

After investing so much energy just to have teams, both teams are expecting good seasons.

“I am glad that it is finally a school sport,” said Junior Sam Mayhew, “It sucks that we have to fund for it, but most of the guys on the team are all from the club team. We all know each other and have all played together before.”

However, the girls team also is hoping for a good season, they don’t really know what to expect.

“I have no idea how this season will go,” said Junior Amanda Krcma, “However, we have a lot of returning players as well as new players which makes us a bigger and better team.”

The players for both the boys and girls teams have to provide their own equipment, because the school only provides jerseys for them to wear on game days.

“It sucks that we have to buy our own equipment, but most of us have stuff from last year so it’s not so bad.” said Mayhew.

The lacrosse teams don’t have the same Mississippi 8 Conference as the rest of the school sports do. Since most of the schools in the area don’t have lacrosse as a school sport, they are forced to play teams like Shakopee High School, St. Thomas Academy, Spring Lake Park High School and Monticello’s club team.

“I think now that lacrosse is a school sport we will have a tougher challenge considering were playing conference teams and club teams,” said Krcma, “Were all excited about getting a seat in sections and to have a chance to qualify in state.”

Both teams are hoping for a good turn out this year. They hope to have a lot of fans at games and are looking forward to this season.

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